About Jason Scott

CURRENTLY HE SERVES AS: Corona City Council Member Mayor Pro Tem for Council City Council Public Services Committee City Council Representative to Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) City Council Alternate to Riverside Conservancy Agency (RCA) City Council Chairperson of Ad Hoc Planning Committee for 100th Anniversary of Corona Road Race Recognition … Continue reading

Our New Site!

Welcome to the new Corona Police Officers’ Association website! You might not even realize it is a new website, but it is. We wanted something new that we could update as often as needed without complicated software or having the same two people responsible for everything (one of the two … Continue reading

Police Layoffs Avoided

The layoffs proposed by Mayor Stan Skipworth has been avoided On July 6th, 2011, the Corona City Council voted to accept contract deferments by the Corona Police Officers’ Association and not layoff any Corona Police Officers. We want to thank everyone that supported us!